Review Policy

This page is for anyone seeking information about how I review novels.

I write reviews for a lot of the books that I read, though certainly not all. I have a strict, self-imposed honesty policy when it comes to my reviews or thoughts on a novel so always expect truthful (but constructive) criticism from me. I am one of those readers who take notes while I read so I will give as much thorough feedback as I can without giving out spoilers. I am a critical reader and may pay attention to things that not all others do. I think that the writing, plot, and character development are vital to the story, so those are things that I will definitely pay close attention to in a novel. I have a fun time reading and it takes a lot for me to completely disregard a book as a one star. If you are interested, I have a rating system you can read here.

To Authors/Publicists/Publishers

If you’ve sent me your novel to read, please know that I am extremely grateful, but that this does not guarantee that I will give your book a high star rating. When I am sent novels, I take the same approach to reviewing that I take when I have purchased a book with my own money. This means that I will be honest about the reading experience and will list reasons for liking or disliking the book. I will never outwardly state that I didn’t like a book without giving concise reasons for why.

I also reserve the right to not review your book here on my site, though I will try my hardest to make sure that I do. Regardless, I will be clear with you about my intentions whenever you reach out to me with a review request, so you will know before sending me the book whether or not I intend to talk about here on this site. If I am unable to share a review of your book on my site, I will still post to Goodreads, B&N, and any other outlets you request. However, I am unable to post reviews to Amazon at this time. This is not a personal choice, but an unfortunate fact, so please take this into account ahead of time before sending a review request. I understand that Amazon reviews are a huge feat for authors who are new or independently publishing, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I understand if it deters you from sending a review request, so no hard feelings.

If we have spoken and I have agreed to review your book, I will send you an email when I am posting my live review. I’d like to ask that you please do not hound me about when I will be posting. On the review request form, there is a spot for you to input a date that you need your review by. If you have entered a date, please trust that I will review by then.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to checking out your book!