Rating Scale

5 Stars

I love this book. I will probably reread it in a few months just to bask in its beauty once again. I will 110% recommend it to everyone I know.

4 Stars

This book was good! I liked it a lot and probably think that every other reader should check it out. Docking a star means that I found a few things that bothered me or I didn’t like, but that the overall story and writing was still great enough to be largely enjoyable.

3 Stars

This book was neither my favorite nor my least favorite. It probably exists somewhere in the archive of books I’ve read that just didn’t stick in my memory because it didn’t stand out enough. Sometimes I really enjoy 3 star books but have too many issues that hold me back from giving it an extra star.

2 Stars

I’m probably spending a few days after this trying to decide if it was indeed a waste of my money. I either hated the plot or the writing (but not both, or else it would be one star). I pressed myself to find something decent about this book and was successful.

1 Star

Wowza. What a waste of a book. I am fully expecting a refund of both my time and money. This book maybepossibly, but not likely, has some redeeming quality in it but I just could not find it. I will probably only remember this because I will reference its awfulness to anyone who will listen.


I sometimes tack on .25, .50, and .75 to my ratings because a whole star just doesn’t properly express how I feel about the book.