Hello! I’m Brittany and I’m a book lover & (self-titled) “guru”. I’m 21 years old and am currently working towards a BA in English (who would’ve guessed it??). I have a lot of fun with my books and enjoy getting the opportunity to talk & rant about them here. I’m big on unpopular opinions but I’ve found that it’s often fun to think differently than others. I am a believer in the hype almost always ruining the book but I will give it a chance nonetheless. Writing is key to a good novel for me because sometimes the plot just isn’t enough to hold the story together. I am a hater of cutesy-romances but occasionally get swept up by a beautiful love story. I appreciate satire, mystery plots, and diversity in novels. I might ruin your favorite book for you with overly criticized bits and pieces of things you didn’t even consider because you just love the characters that much, but I also might love it. I hope you stick around to find out.