October’s Sapphic Saturday (announcing the date & my TBR)

Note: Arin is credited for designing & making this super cute Sapphic Saturday graphic!

October is finally here and I am ready for the spooky season to commence!! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love scary movies, haunted houses/trails/attractions, thriller novels, etc. So, I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the date for our October Sapphic Saturday with you all!

Many of you already know about this readathon, but if you don’t, it is hosted by Arin @ Tomes of Our Lives and I and is meant to encourage participants to dedicate a whole 24 hours to reading f/f books! For any further info, you can check out the first announcement post I did here!


You are cordially invited to.png

I really hope you all like this fun graphic we decided on for this month! I had so much fun playing around with the theme and I’m honestly pretty happy with how it turned out!

So, as you can see,  the October Sapphic Saturday will start at 12:00 AM in your timezone on Saturday October 19th! It will end at 11:59 PM the same day. The aim, as always, is just to spend some time reading f/f books during the 24 hours. If you don’t already, make sure to follow the readathon twitter (@sapphicsaturday) to keep up with any updates throughout the readathon or participate in any possible reading sprints! You can also follow Arin (@tomesofourlives) and I (@britthebookguru) to keep up with our reading progress throughout! I stay pretty active on Twitter during the readathon and try to talk to participants as much as I can, so I’d love to chat with you!

I want to stress to everyone that you absolutely do not have to read multiple books or even finish one book to have successfully participated! I’ve talked with quite a few people since the last readathon who worried about joining in on the fun because they think that they don’t read quickly enough or don’t have a wide open schedule that day, and if you feel like you relate to that as well, that’s totally OK! I know that many of us who do readathons knock out several books in a day but there are also many of us who don’t! If you spend any time reading from a f/f book on a Sapphic Saturday, whether you got half an hour in or 6 hours, you can consider yourself a successful participant! Arin and I created this readathon because we want to promote reading more sapphic books, so as long as you do that, we’re so happy to have you join in on the fun! ♥

My October Sapphic Saturday TBR

We didn’t set up challenges for this month since the readathon is still new, but I definitely encourage you to maybe read some high fantasy, magical realism, or even thriller/horror f/f books this month! (Sidenote: I don’t even know if I’ve come across a f/f thriller book… do they exist??)

I kept my TBR a little more minimum this time (yes, there are still three books but one is kind of short and… well, at least it’s not 4 books, OK?). I’ve kind of already given away most of my TBR a couple of times in recent posts but… oh well. Here they are again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These Witches Don't BurnThese Witches Don’t Burn – Isabel Sterling

Yes, I did put this on my TBR for September’s Sapphic Saturday. No, I did not end up reading itHowever, this is now my top priority for October’s readathon and I am so freaking excited to finally read this!


Her Royal Highness (Royals, #2)Her Royal Highness (Royals #2) – Rachel Hawkins

I’m reading this mostly because Arin read it and loved it, but also because I just can’t turn down reading about a gay princess. I mean, really, who could?


Beauty of the BrokenBeauty of the Broken – Tawni Waters

This book has no magical realism, fantasy, or thriller aspects to it, but I came across it during our last readathon and was really interested in reading it. The synopsis makes it sound like this tackles some pretty serious topics (homophobia in conservative small towns, struggling with religion when coming to terms with sexuality, etc.) and I think it would be a really worthwhile read.

Alright friends, that’s my TBR for this month’s Sapphic Saturday readathon! I’m so excited for the 19th to be here and am hoping that North Carolina will cool down a bit by then so it can actually feel like Autumn while I’m reading! I’m hoping I might get to do some reading at the park this time around if it’s not too hot… we shall see.

Are you participating in Sapphic Saturday this month? If so, what are you planning to read?

12 thoughts on “October’s Sapphic Saturday (announcing the date & my TBR)

  1. I’m participating in this round again!! And since I’m pretty sure that I won’t finish a book during the readathon, the fact that you said that everyone is a winner as long as they read a sapphic book is so comforting. I’m actually gonna be reading After the Eclipse in October, which is an f/f thriller! Also, I hope that you love These Witches Don’t Burn!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, yay! I’m so glad you’re joining us again! I felt like it was important to note that everyone wins whether they read a little or a lot because I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they don’t read fast enough or don’t have enough time to read a “right” amount or anything like that! There is truly no right amount; so long as you enjoy a sapphic book for a bit, you’re a winner♥♥ And oooh, I’m so excited because I’ve actually been getting quite a few sapphic thriller recs now and I have to add them all to my TBR ASAP now!! I hope you enjoy it! And thank you!! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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