Non-Bookish Update: May

lot has changed for my personal life since I last did a non-bookish update! Let’s just dive right in.

In May…

  • I have officially been in my new apartment for a full month! Josh (my boyfriend) and I finally found a new place last month and moved in quickly, towards the middle of April. We’ve now been there a full month and I speak for us both when I say that this has been our favorite place (this is our third apartment in 4 years. We’re hard to please people, I guess). We’ve gotten everything settled in and thanks to the space being much smaller than our last apartment (which was just truly too big for two people), we were able to fill the rooms and make everything homey. The move over all has been really great and I’m so glad that we can finally stop stressing about that.
  • We got a new car!! (Actually, Josh did, but ya know, what’s mine is yours, whats yours is mine, blah blah) We now have two cars, a truck, and a motorcycle. To clarify, I don’t bother with the motorcycle or the truck. But I love both of the cars.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I started new classes… again. I feel like every time I do an update, I’ve started new classes? But I guess that’s the beauty of 8 week classes. You have just enough time to get bored of them. I’m once again taking two English classes, which are pretty much the only type of classes I have left now since I finished my Gen-Ed courses (which were a complete and total waste of my time and money, in case you’re wondering). One of the classes is about Victorian literature and I have to admit that I’m a little scared. I’m only in the second week of the classes so we’ll see how they go. I’ll finally get about a month and a half off for Summer in July, which is much needed because my brain is truly overloaded.
  • I’m still in a heck of a rereading mood and have been devouring old favorites. AKA, I have no new books to review and really limiting myself but hey, I’m enjoying the rereads.

Well, it seemed like a lot more in my head since the whole moving and getting a new car thing is pretty big when you’re the one doing those things. Typed out, though, it seems like a whole lot less. Oh well. You’re all caught up!

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