Non-Bookish Update: March/April

Since I took a little break from blogging in March, I didn’t get a chance to share my non-bookish update like I’d planned to do at least monthly. So, I figured I’d go ahead and share everything with you now, and just join updates from last month and this month! Honestly, there’s not much to talk about, but here it goes anyways.

In March/April…

  • This happened in March but I started two new English classes and I love them! One is Intro to the English Language, which sounds super easy because it has “intro” in the title, but it’s actually a higher level class. It’s been super informative so far because I’ve been learning so much about the changes of languages (not just English) over the centuries and it’s really interesting to see what things can contribute to changes in a person’s dialect! The other class is Literature of the US Civil War-21st Century which I am so far loving because we are still in the more classical time periods and I absolutely enjoy reading literature from centuries ago. I actually started taking this class over a year ago with a different professor and ended up dropping it because she was… difficult, to say the least. Most of my class dropped it as well, so you can imagine how disastrous it was. I actually really enjoy the content though, so with a new teacher I’m super happy. The 18th & 19th centuries in particular always produce great reads for me. Do any other of you bibliophiles really enjoy classical lit? Let me know!
  • I have been on a serious Dunkin’ Donuts binge and it’s becoming… worrisome. I’ve completely stopped using my Keurig in the mornings and started stopping by the DD right by my house and I can admit that I may have a problem. Also, if you want something new to try and like Christmas-y drinks year round, order a vanilla chai with two pumps of caramel. You can get it hot for an eggnog taste or ask them to pour it over ice if you’re like me and like your cold coffee. I promise you won’t regret it!!
  • I am in a very serious rereading mood that has had me pulling out lots of my favorites and reminiscing in their pages. Aren’t rereads just so freaking good? You already know exactly what to expect and you’ll  never be disappointed. But it’s also somehow never boring to me to reread my favorites. I’ve read them over and over again but I still got so lost in their pages. Maybe the fact that they can do that for me is why they are a favorite??? Random revelation.
  • I am really craving something new in my life and as always when that happens, I’m considering getting a new tattoo or piercing. Tattoos are usually way more expensive and I’m saving for moving houses so I’m thinking piercing. You probably don’t know this about me but I’ve had 12 piercings already! I seriously only keep one in on a daily basis (my nose) but I used to be great at keeping them all bejeweled. I’m thinking about getting my tragus done. What do you think??

Okay so that’s pretty much all of the new things I have to share! I’m really a very boring person most of the time so most of my updates are about school or something completely random, but oh well.

What’s going on with you this month? Anything new?


7 thoughts on “Non-Bookish Update: March/April

  1. Hope you’re well. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t been checking in much. Got a new story scheduled to drop in a few hours. About the tragus piercing…I think it will look OK. A small diamond or heart shaped jewel would look nice and not interfere with earbuds. That would be my only concern.

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    1. I hope you’ve been enjoying your vacay! I had noticed that you hadn’t posted in a bit- figured you would soon! I’ll check out the story! I’d like to get a small diamond. I have my first, second, & third holes done but I rarely keep earrings in all three anymore. When I do, I try to make them cohesive (all silver or all gold or all diamonds, etc). I tend to stick to silver & diamonds so I think that would work best!

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