I just wanted to make a quick little post to let everyone know that I’m going to be going on a short hiatus. I’m not entirely sure how long, but it should be no more than a week! There is just a lot going on right now with some new classes I’m taking (I take a lot of 8 week long courses so they are always changing), my boyfriend and I are in the process of searching for a new home, and my laptop at home decided to completely stop working which has made it really hard for me to draft posts! I feel that it would be better to take a much needed break than to stress myself out trying to maintain my posting schedule. In the meantime, I’ll probably still be blog-hopping, liking, and commenting, I just won’t be posting. I’ll be back shortly though and get right back into my normal schedule! Talk to you then (:

6 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Good to know. Take a break and brush off the stress. Bummer about the computer at home. I suggest to go on Amazon and get one of the tower pc’s that aren’t portable. In the world of portability and downsizing. The old style (not old) computers are very very cheap and have a lot of memory. It would stay in the house so who cares if it’s big.
    Just a thought. I may do so myself as a back up to my 8-year-old laptop see ya soon!.

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    1. I’m looking into getting a new desktop computer! I’ve just always had better experiences with them than with laptops. I’m undecided on an HP or Mac though. I’m trying to wait until our move to purchase one so I’ve got a bit of time to decide!

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  2. Enjoy your break! I got my bachelors entirely through 8 weeks classes and am in the process of getting my masters through 7.5 week classes! They’re super intense and once they start it’s SO easy to get behind on basically everything in your life. Hope your break is stress free! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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    1. Thank you!! And I’ve been doing the 8 week courses since last semester and it is definitely challenging but I also like it better because you never really have time to get bored with the material! There’s practically always new classes haha. They do require a lot though and it makes other responsibilities take lower priority sometimes. Good luck on your masters! That’s amazing!!

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      1. That’s my favorite part about them too. And if you have a class you don’t like, no big deal because it’s over before you know it!

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