Top 5 Wednesdays: Characters That Embody Gryffindor

On Wednesdays I post my “Top 5” which comes from a Goodreads group that creates topics for bloggers to write about. This week the topic is “Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House”. The moderator stated that these characters don’t have to be confirmed as in a specific house by the author; instead they can just be characters that you feel like would be in your house. I struggle a lot with deciphering my Hogwarts house (mostly because I haven’t read the books yet) but all the tests I’ve taken and the friends I have who are HP fans have told me that I’m Gryffindor. Personally, I think there’s some Hufflepuff in there too but we’ll go with what we know for now.

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Katnissbarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

When I think of the Gryffindor house, I think of bravery. It’s not always about not being scared, but doing something even when you’re the most scared you’ve ever been. This really makes me think of all of the “heroines” in a lot of dystopian stories. In my opinion, Katniss embodies the Gryffindor house pretty well. Sometimes she can become a bit self centered, but in general she is pretty much always risking her life to save someone else (if she can). That’s pretty damn brave in my opinion.

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Trisbarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

It’s been quite a while since I spent any time with Tris because I read this series when I was 17. However, it was my favorite dystopian series for years, so I feel like I know her well. Tris is basically an exact image of what I expect when I think of Gryffindor. Much like Katniss, she took on a whole “government” which takes far more bravery than I’m sure I could muster up. Also, if you’ve read this book, you know that she’ll do quite literally anything to save the people she loves.


The Hate U GiveStarrbarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

Sometimes being brave isn’t about overthrowing an entire city. Sometimes it’s about standing up for what is right and doing what you believe in. Starr is a perfect example of that. I really loved this book, but I loved Starr even more. Even though she struggles a lot throughout the book, she doesn’t give in to the hate and criticism. Instead, she stands tall and speaks out for her murdered friend, Khalil. She was put in a very intense, difficult situation, and I really don’t know how you can be much braver than she was.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)Percybarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

Really, I believe that pretty much all of the helpful characters in this series belong in Gryffindor. I’d probably consider Clarisse a Slytherin though. Anyways, this book is full of children fighting to save the entire western civilization from the Titans. Can it even get more daring, courageous, brave, and adventurous than that? The half-bloods and even some others (like Tyson!!) are no-brainers when it comes to the sorting hat.




OK, hear me out before you think I’m crazy: Not only is Sadie brave enough to practically raise her kid sister while she’s practically a kid herself, but she’s also daring enough to avenge her sister’s killer. She doesn’t let anything hold her back. She goes off traveling on her own to track down the person she believes murdered her sister and faces that person head on. Her anger may be carrying her, but you cannot deny that you need an immense amount of courage to do something like that.


So, I know that Gryffindor’s have other characteristics besides bravery and courage, but that’s how I always think of the house. I associate the house with MCs that do the near-impossible to protect their loved ones and keep pushing even when they are scared. I think it’s a wonderful trait to have and even though I couldn’t ever hope to be that brave (I’m telling you, there’s no way I’m all Gryffindor. I’ve got to read those damn books already), I’d love to be in the same house with any of these people.

Who would you associate with your Hogwarts house? Talk to me (:

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Characters That Embody Gryffindor

  1. Wait a minute, you haven’t read the Harry Potter series? Girl, what are you waiting for 😂. It’s one of my all time favorite! Gryffindor are really brave, but they are also loyal which I think is sometimes what makes people fit into that category even if they are not “brave”. I’m sure you are braver than you realize. 😉

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    1. I plan on reading them sometime this year but I haven’t got around to purchasing the books yet! I was hoping to start on them early in the year but now we’re in the Spring and I still haven’t gotten them 😅 But yes, loyal is a good characteristic to describe them, too! I feel like I just really need to read the series before I can fully figure out what house I belong in! For now I’ll claim Gryffindor since that’s what I always get told, but we’ll see how I feel once I read the books!


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