Top 5 Wednesdays: Fictional Places You’d Take a Date to

On Wednesdays I post my “Top 5” which comes from a GoodReads group that creates topics for bloggers to write about. The month of February uses topics that are in some way related to romance, love, and Valentines Day. The topic this week is “Fictional Places You’d Take a Date to”. This is probably the first topic that I’ve hated because I read a lot of contemporaries that take place in nonfictional places. I actually couldn’t even come up with five locations from books that I have read. ): But here’s what I do have for you!

Along for the RideColby, North Carolinabarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

It’s extremely frustrating to me that the first place that pops into my mind is supposed to be in the state that I already live in. I’m also not a huge beach person (I know, how dare I!?) so this almost seems like a weird one to add, but it’s less about the beach setting and more about the town that Dessen creates in her books set in Colby. It always had a weird allure to it for me and I’d love to visit it for a romantic get away for a week or so. How great of a vacation would that be?


The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)Cousins Beach, North Carolinabarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

Once again… North Carolina?! A beach?! Who even am I?? I’ll reiterate my earlier claim though that it was never about the beach itself and more about the setting and feel that Jenny Han built while I read this. I have to admit though that I’m a little shocked that so many summer-y books take place on a beach in North Carolina. How did I never take notice of this before? Anyways… this would be another great spot for a romantic trip. The book gives it a more secluded feel so it would be more private. I think I’d just generally like to experience a small-town beach vibe with my date since I’ve only ever been to crowded beaches.

The Great GatsbyThe Gatsby Mansionbarnes-and-noble-iconamazon-icon-256goodreads-square-light-4-512

Can you even imagine how wonderful it would be to be on a date at the Gatsby Mansion?! Oh, the elegance. I’d swoop into one of his magnificent parties with my date and we would (presumably) have the time of our lives. Ah, now I’m daydreaming.




Here are a few that I’d love to go on a date to, but that I haven’t read the book from which they originate:

  • Narnia
  • Diagon Alley (I’d have a blast)
  • Hogsmeade
  • Neverland 

What fictional places would make the ideal date for you? (:

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Fictional Places You’d Take a Date to

  1. I feel like the beach is a safe place for a date. I’ve always enjoyed going to beaches in North Carolina for vacations, its a fun time. Though I did not realize how many summer time books take place there and tbh its kind of amazing.

    I feel like a great date night in my mind consists of dinner food and the movies but I can’t remember a book with those things other than To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and given that book takes place 30 minutes from my house I don’t want to say it lol.

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    1. Beaches are definitely a safe bet! Unfortunately I don’t even like the beach (I hate humidity) but this was a seriously hard Top 5!! I’m way more of a chill date kind of person and it’s really hard to find books that have what you see in your head haha. And really!? That’s actually really cool!!

      Liked by 1 person

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