Non-Bookish Update: February

When 2019 started, I decided to begin sharing things with you guys that aren’t book related at least once a month. I don’t always have a ton going on in my life so there’s not much to share for February, but here’s what is new!

This month…
  • My classes this semester are consider “mini-mester” classes, so they are each only 8 weeks long. With that being said, I have only two weeks left until I start new classes and let me tell ya, I am relieved. Economy 101 has given me so much new knowledge but also completely exhausted my brain. I was made for literature, not uncertain sciences.
  • I have gotten exponentially better at crotchet! I’m so close to finishing up a corner-to-corner blanket I started a couple weeks ago and I can’t even explain how excited I am to see something I created in my home. I’ve also started making some baskets which look awesome but make my hands hurt a lot. 
  • I’ve gotten almost all of my re-branding done for now!! If you haven’t been on my actual site to see the changes, I have a new layout, an all new navigating system (that took me a ton of time), new graphics, etc. I even got to buy my URL, which may seem small to a lot of people but it was such a big goal for me whenever I started this blog and now I’ve reached it! I decided not to go the monetization route as far as ads because I don’t like the disruption of a layout with them there, but I did become an Amazon Affiliate which is also super cool for me! Now I’m just waiting to get my banner done and I’m so excited to see how it turns out.
  • On a more serious note, I’ve been very dissociated this month. You might not have noticed a difference at all, which is great, but I can and I’m trying to work through it! It certainly takes the fun out of a lot of things and has made posting on time a bit of a chore for me this month, but it will pass. In the meantime, if I miss a post or two, don’t worry! I’ll get it up a day or so late.
  • Back to lighter… I decided this month to make it a travel goal that at some point in my life, I go to Madrid, Spain. I don’t have any intentions (or the funds) to go any time soon, but ever since my trip to New York City in October last year, I’ve wanted to make my way to Madrid. No one can talk me out of it. I’m going someday!

Like I said, this month has been pretty boring for me, so I didn’t have much to share! I tend to find boring months best for me anyways though because when things get too chaotic, my brain does as well.

What’s new for you this month? (:

4 thoughts on “Non-Bookish Update: February

  1. Good day, Brittany!
    I’m reading Surviving The Collapse, a 3 book series by James Hunt. It’s about an EMP strike in America by terrorists. The terrorists are not the main threat. Surviving without cellphones, computers, planes, cars, and electricity in winter upstate New York. Big problem. A bigger one- jailed convicts are causing death and destruction roaming through small towns after walking out of open jail cells. Some things are far fetched, but it’s still a page-turner.

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      1. I’m on book 3 of 4. The main protagonist Kate Holloway found a old 1950 plane with no computer. She flew it from New York to Virginia to get her teen son from school, then flew back to New York, surviving a crash with son Luke. Good stuff 👍

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