Down the TBR Hole #8

Sunday’s are for Down the TBR posts! We are slowly but surely restoring order to my TBR list!

Here are the rules:

  • Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

(This tag was created by Lost in a Story)

Let’s see what we’ve got this week (36-40 on my TBR on GoodReads):

Goodbye DaysGoodbye Days – Jeff Zentner 

This kind of looks like something that will undoubtedly shatter my heart into soul into tiny pieces, but I’m planning to read it anyways. My (limited) understanding is that this book is about a boy who loses virtually all of his friends in a car accident. The town seems to blame him since he (seemingly) sent the text that caused it. It’s really highly rated and I honestly think I’ll like it.

Verdict: Keep 


Into the WaterInto the Water – Paula Hawkins 

This looks very aligned with my bookish tastes. I enjoyed The Girl on the Train fairly well, but I honestly just like to find new psych thriller books. They aren’t always written the best but they tend to keep my attention really well. Since this seems to a apparent-suicide-turned-murder-mystery, I think I’ll keep it.

Verdict: Keep 



Made You UpMade You Up – Francesca Zappia 

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eliza and Her Monsters (not a bad just story, just not what I expected), but I do love books with mental health rep. I’ve only read a few books with schizophrenia representation, so I’ve always wanted to pick this up. I’ve read a mix of both good and bad reviews on it but I think the general population tends to like it, so we’ll see how it goes for me!

Verdict: Keep


R.I.P. Eliza HartR.I.P. Eliza Hart – Alyssa Sheinmel 

Oooooh, we’ve got two mental health reps back to back! How fun. This is another book where my knowledge is pretty limited, since I only know what’s provided in the synopsis. However, I just recently read another book by this author, A Danger to Herself and Others, and liked it a lot. So I’m definitely willing to give a book by the same author a spin.

Verdict: Keep


In Pieces (Something More, #4)In Pieces – Danielle Pearl 

I… have no idea where I found this book. Especially since it’s the fourth installment in a series that I’ve never heard of. Anywho, this doesn’t look uninteresting but from looking at what other reviewers have said, it seems to be one of those steamy romance types and that’s just not something that I tend to enjoy.

Verdict: Remove 





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