My 2019 Reading Challenges

Hi, all! So now that the new year has started, it is time to commit to some new reading challenges for the year. If you read my posts about my completed 2018 challenges, then you know that I only participated in two last year. This year, I decided to stay committed to the same two plus one more. In 2019 I will be participating in:

My Goodreads Reading Challenge

I think that most book bloggers are pretty familiar with what this challenge is, but if you aren’t, let me fill you in! Every year, the website Goodreads host a reading challenge where users pledge to read a certain amount of books. When you read throughout the year, you can track what you’ve completed and it will automatically be added to your challenge. It’s a nice way to keep up with how many books you’ve finished throughout the year but will also keep you motivated!

This year, I pledged to read: 85 books.

In my Goodreads challenge in 2018, I only pledged 40 because I genuinely didn’t think that I’d read more than that. 40 is still a lot of books! However, I ended up reading 120, so I thought it might be better to shoot a bit higher this year. I decided to stay clear of the 100 books mark though because I don’t want to pressure myself into feeling like I have to read more and more even if I’m in a slump. I think 85 is attainable for me, and if I go over that, then great!

My 2019 ABC Reading Challenge 

This challenge was created by the Goodreads group Crazy for Young Adult Books, which I am a member of. They have a ton of fun challenges and buddy reads to partake in throughout the year, and since I did this one last year (you can read about it here), I figured I’d tackle it again. However, this year I am doing this challenge through a different option. Let me explain:

The idea of the challenge is that you read 26 books (for each letter for the alphabet) throughout the year. You can do this challenge through 7 different options. They are:

A. Title: The first letter in the title of the books (not the title of the series) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the title.

B. Author: The first letter in the author’s name (first or last) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the author’s name.

C. Character: The first letter in the main character’s name (first or last) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the character’s name.

D. Series: The first letter in the title of the series should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the series title.

E. Cover: Use cover items to complete this challenge. For letters Q, X, Y, and Z, use any cover you like.

F. Friend: Use your GR friends’ first names to complete this challenge. Read the books from their shelves (TBR is preferred, but any shelves will do). Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned any way in their names.

G. Location: Use the location where the story takes place to complete this challenge. It can be a town, city, or country. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned any way in the setting.

Last year I chose Option A: Title, which was easy enough. This year, however, I’ve decided to go with Option B: Author. I’m going off of the author’s first name, and to be completely honest, it’s been pretty easy so far. We’ll see how I do by the end!

My 2019 Genre Reading Challenge

This is yet another challenge created by the Crazy for Young Adult Books group. The idea with this one is that every month, the moderator of the challenge will post a new genre. Participants only have to read one book that falls under the genre in the month time span.

For instance, the genre for January has already been posted: Dystopian! This worked out perfect for me because I was already planning to read The Hunger Games trilogy, so I’ve already finished for this month! However, next month could be any book genre, which admittedly makes me nervous because I usually stick to my comfort zone, but that is actually why I chose this challenge! I made a resolution this year to read more novels outside of my normal genres, so I’m hoping that this challenge will really help me along. The moderator is also kind enough to link a few popular books that fall under the category if you’re struggling to decide what to read!

This challenge consists of only 12 books by the end, but I may struggle finding novels I can enjoy under some of the genres, so I think it’ll be a fun one.

Alright, all! I know three isn’t a lot of challenges but I honestly feel like I’ve got my hands full with these ones.

What reading challenges are you participating in this year? Talk to me (:

10 thoughts on “My 2019 Reading Challenges

  1. All three sound like lots of fun! I live a good challenge. I going to look into the genre one. My dystopian read is done too as I read The Uglies—so good. The Hunger Games was one of my favorite dystopian series. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d definitely recommend it! I loved The Uglies! It’s an awesome series. I actually just finished the entire Hunger Games trilogy and I loved it so much.


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