My 2018 ABC Reading Challenge

Hi, all! For those of you who use GoodReads, you know that there are several groups you can join and lots and lots of challenges to take on. Some are short, very specific challenges, and some last year long. In 2018 I only took on two challenges: my GoodReads challenge (which was 40 books because I underestimated myself), and my 2018 ABC Challenge.

Now, I’m sure that there are different ABC Challenges throughout different groups, but the one I took on was from the group Crazy for Young Adult Books, which is a very fun group if you love reading young adult and want to find some fun challenges to incorporate into your reading. Here were the rules:

Duration: January 1 to December 31, 2018
Number of Books: 26

– Read one book for every alphabet letter.
– You can read in any order you wish.
– The articles “a”, “an” & “the” are not counted as part of the title.
– You can use as many ways as you would like to complete the challenge.
– Any books are acceptable: young adult, new adult or adult books. However, since we are young adult group, you are encouraged to read as many young adult books as possible.

 Pick Your Option: Choose how you are going to read for this challenge:

A. Title: The first letter in the title of the books (not the title of the series) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the title.

B. Author: The first letter in the author’s name (first or last) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the author’s name.

C. Character: The first letter in the main character’s name (first or last) should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the character’s name.

D. Series: The first letter in the title of the series should correspond to the letter in the alphabet. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned anywhere in the series title.

E. Cover: Use cover items to complete this challenge. For letters Q, X, Y, and Z, use any cover you like.

F. Friend: Use your GR friends’ first names to complete this challenge. Read the books from their shelves (TBR is preferred, but any shelves will do). Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned any way in their names.

G. Location: Use the location where the story takes place to complete this challenge. It can be a town, city, or country. Letters Q, X, and Z can be positioned any way in the setting.


Since this was my first time participating, I wanted to go the old fashion route: Option A. It is important to keep the rule about Q, X, and Z in mind. Now, in the spirit in being completely honest with you guys (partly because you’ll see finished dates and surely figure this out for yourself), I tackled this challenge full force in the beginning of the year, and then fell off of it for a while. Sometimes I’d randomly remember it and try to finish up a book on the list, but I think most of them were done from January to March. To be frank, my read for “J” was a desperate reread in an attempt to finish this challenge- but hey, nowhere in the rules are rereads forbidden. Also, it was really hard for me to find a book title that started with J.

So, without any further ado, here is my 2018 ABC Challenge:

I completed: 26/26 

A. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass ✔ (02/21/2018) 4 stars
B. Beauty Queens ✔ (01/14/2018) 4.25 stars
C. Cracked ✔ (04/15/2018) 2 stars
D. Dear Martin ✔ (02/21/2018) 5 stars
E. Elena Ransom and the Firebird Unit ✔ (01/07/2018) 3.5 stars
F. For The Broken ✔ (03/04/2018) 3 stars
G. Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit ✔ (03/04/2018) 3 stars
H. Hate List ✔ (03/14/2018) 4 stars
I. I Hope This Reaches Her in Time ✔ (03/02/2018) 4 stars
J.Just Juliet ✔ (12/28/2018) 5 stars 
K. Kellen’s Moment ✔ (05/04/2018) 2 stars
L. A List of Cages ✔ (03/19/2018) 4 stars
M. My Heart and Other Black Holes ✔ (03/03/2018) 4 stars
N. The Nowhere Girls ✔ (02/10/2018) 5 stars
O. The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place ✔ (03/22/2018) 4 stars
P. Pillow Thoughts ✔ (03/04/2018) 3 stars
Q. The Upside of Unrequited ✔ (01/05/18) 5 stars
R. Reading Women: How the Great Books of Feminism Changed My Life ✔ (04/27/2018) 3 stars
S. See All the Stars ✔ (01/26/2018) 3.5 stars
T. This Is Where It Ends ✔ (03/16/2018) 3.25 stars
U. The Unseen ✔ (03/07/2018) 2 stars
V. Vanishing Girls ✔ (01/02/2018) 3 stars
W. We Are Okay ✔ (03/06/2018) 3 stars
X. I, Girl X ✔ (01/03/2018) 4 stars
Y. You Were Here ✔ (01/13/2018) 1 star
Z. Eliza and Her Monsters ✔ (03/17/2018) 2.5 stars

Did you do any reading challenges this year? If so, did you finish them? Was there anything difficult about completing any of them? Talk to me (:

11 thoughts on “My 2018 ABC Reading Challenge

    1. Aw thank you love! Some people do multiple options which really blows me out of the water!😂 It was a fun challenge to do though. Not sure whether or not I’ll do it in 2019 but.. probably 😂 thank you for the positive affirmations💜💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooh you should definitely check some out! The group I linked has a TON of great challenges. You can try out smaller ones to see how you like them, too. There are a lot of buddy challenges but definitely some ones to do solo also. They’re a lot of fun!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never tried a readathon but I really want to! I also would definitely have a hard time with beating my backlist books 😂 It sounds like a fun year of challenges though! Good luck 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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