The Secret Seekers Society and Solomon’s Seal

Today I’m going to be sharing my book review for the second book in The Secret Seekers Society series. You can find my review of the first book here. Huge thanks to Black Rose Writing for sending me this book for review! It’s been a fun series to check out.


Get ready for another epic adventure as we follow Hunter, Elly and all of their friends as their journey continues into the world of the supernatural and unknown.

Following directly after the events of the first book, the children start their new lives as future members of the Secret Seekers Society! But first, the children have to go through six years of training, known only as the ‘Enlightenment’.

What will the children learn about in their first year? What new friends will they meet?

The story delves deeper into the spiritual realm of the paranormal. Learning about a magical and ancient ring known as Solomon’s Seal, (known to grant its wearer the ability to speak to animals and spirits) the children must decide if playing with the spiritual realm, and potentially speaking to their parents one last time is worth the risk of putting their souls in danger.

With rumor’s spreading that their parents were “double agents” and working with the evil Aten Corp. the children our desperate for answers. Is the ring real? Does it truly grant its wearer such powers? Or does Solomon’s seal hide a deeper evil?

Get ready for the ride of your life, as nothing is ever as it seems inside of the Belmonte Estate. If you thought there were secrets abound in the first book, just wait until the children unravel even more about the Mansion’s history, the origin of Professor Calenstine, his relationship with the evil Aten, and the truth about the mysteries of the world.

…Its called the ‘enlightenment’ for a reason.

My review

Rating: 4.25 stars

The second book in The Secret Seekers Society series picks up basically where the last ended. Readers are welcomed back into the lives of the Hunter and Elly when the kids are about to start their new Enlightenment classes. Some of the issues from the first book carry over, like Uncle Joe’s injuries, but there are a lot more problems to ensue this time around.

I found this second installment to be even more enjoyable than the first (which I also quite liked). It felt like there was a lot more going on in this one because the children are learning new mystical things through their Enlightenment classes, there is clearly some betrayal going down in between the manor walls thanks to Aten Corp., and the kids have begun to entertain a new relic: Solomon’s Seal. With everything going on, it would be easy for the novel to feel a bit cluttered, but I actually felt like Hickey did a great job of keeping the story organized and understandable. There definitely is a lot for readers to pay attention to, but not in an overwhelming way. I think this was my biggest worry when I first started the book and realized how many plot lines there were, but the author didn’t disappoint whatsoever.

As for the characters, we did get quite a bit of character development in the children. I think that the books tend to focus on Hunter a lot, but there were some interesting new additions to Elly this time around. I look forward to seeing what Hickey does with it all. Thankfully, Hunter became more likable for me, though he certainly hasn’t learned to stop causing trouble. Liv and Alistair are cute characters to add to the mix, but I am anxious to see how they grow throughout the series. The new addition to the friend group, Remy, was an interesting one. At first, I was sad that the children seemed to consider him their “protector”, as if they didn’t need him as a friend otherwise. However, as the story progressed and Remy becomes significantly more important, it is recognizable that Hunter, Elly, Liv, and Alistair do care for him.

Hickey’s storytelling is, as always, phenomenal. I’m continuously flabbergasted by his research and ability to mold ancient myths and folklore into a story so entertaining. I’m so glad that readers got some background into how the Secret Seekers Society came to be in this second novel. Things that didn’t always seem to be significant or related are now becoming clearly intertwined, and it makes the story all the more fun. This author has managed to take stories that I learned growing up and turn them into something exciting, new, and different. Magical realism novels like these capture my attention so well. There is just something about getting to live in a mystic reality for the duration of a novel that really calls to me.

Overall, I think this is turning out to be a great middle grade series. I’m interested to see where else the story goes from here, and what kind of trouble the children can manage to get themselves into.

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