One Lovely Blog Award (I can’t believe people like me enough for this)

Hi, all! (Do you guys ever get tired of me saying that?)

Can you believe that I actually got nominated for another award!? I’m so grateful to Kaleena for tagging me for this award. She has an amazing blog (and also a really amazing spreadsheet for keeping up with your books, blogs, and stats that I 100% recommend) and you can check her out here!


  • Acknowledge, link back and thank the blog that nominated you
  • Display the award + rules in your blog
  • Tell your subscribers seven things about you.
  • Re-nominate 10-15 people.

7 Things About Me: 

  1. I have major social anxiety. So, talking about myself this way instead of talking about my books makes me nervous. In addition to this fact, I’ll share that I am a huge advocate for mental health and always available if anyone needs a friend to talk to.
  2. I love learning new things and recently started playing around with special effects makeup, which has been really fun. I shared this picture on Twitter the other day if you want to check it out. I also have an Instagram account that just features these looks, which you can check out here (but be forewarned: it’s creepy).
  3. I’ve always liked to read, but before I was an English Lit major, I was studying psychology! I love learning about the human mind and really enjoyed the classes. My heart definitely belongs to literature, but I kept psychology on as my minor when I switched into English Lit.
  4. I really want to travel in my lifetime. I’ve been to quite a few of the states but I ultimately want to travel to other countries. There is so much more of the world to see and I desperately want to expand my horizons.
  5. I’m actually really good at math. I know someone is going to call me a psychopath for that, but math is always the same. There are right and wrong answers. You can’t interpret it differently the way you can in literature.
  6. I am the world’s worst procrastinator, albeit an organised one. For instance, I have the entire month of December’s posts planned, but definitely not drafted. You know why? Because why do it today if I could just do it tomorrow? (yes this thinking has put me in a lot of stressful situations)
  7. love scary movies! They are my favorite type of movie; crime shows are my favorite for daily television. I can’t escape a good drama (I am currently watching One Tree Hill for the 4th time) but I am usually more of a Law & Order or Criminal Minds kind of gal.

So there you go. Seven totally random facts about me that no one really needed or wanted. I’m really not big on talking about myself unless it’s a bit self-deprecating (gotta love mental illness haha not really ). I also have already done a “Get to Know the Blogger” post where I shared some information about myself so I really struggled to come up with more facts for this one.

Now I tag…

Bookish Paige | Shalini | Darnell | Koen | N S Ford


13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award (I can’t believe people like me enough for this)

  1. Brittany,
    I thank you very much for the Award nomination! I seldom talk about myself so I use these Awards to “break the ice” with fellow bloggers. I say to all – KEEPEM COMMIN – to learn more about me and my work. I will post the results of this one in January 2019. (Gotta spread the love)
    Ms. Guru, if you like scary, check out on NetFlix: ‘The Haunting Of Hill House.’ It’s about a dysfunctional family’s dynamics over years. Truly terrifying is the break-neck lady! and who she really is. My favorite PodCast is covering each of 10 episodes for detailing all the things you may miss. If interested check out Strange Indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I’ll be on the look out for your post in the new year. 🙂 I LOVED The Haunting of Hill House. I binged it all in two days and was so entranced. I haven’t heard of that podcast but I will definitely check it out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yikes I checked that Shalini is me.. Aaaahhh thank you so much… Now am I interesting for 7 points…? Now you really like making me think, don’t ya
    Thank you so much for this honor. Will do it in the new year..

    Liked by 1 person

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