November: Wrapped up tight and ready for Christmas

Hi, all! As you can tell from the title, I’m excited that we have finally reached December. I do love the holidays, but I’m mostly ready to start 2019. This year has been the worst.

So today I’m going to give you the run down for my November reads! I know I skipped October and I could include those as well but it wasn’t even a great reading month so we’re just going to pretend that we don’t all know that I’m actually just really lazy.

Let’s continue.

In November I read 9 books. I’m not upset with that number, though it could definitely be better. I think I’m appeased because some of the books I finished in November were so amazing. I’m not really a big giver of 5 whole stars. If you were to go to my 5 stars category, you’d find books. And guess what? One of those books came out of November. I also had some very close ones. It was a good reading month.

Let me stop ranting and just tell y’all what I read:

CuckooCuckoo– Sophie Draper 

Rating: 2 stars

No review 😦



SadieSadie– Courtney Summers 

Rating: 4.5 stars




The Summer of Broken ThingsThe Summer of Broken Things– Margaret Peterson Haddix 

Rating: 2 stars


(I freaking love this cover. gimme all the yellow books, please)


The Silver Queen (Sovereign #2)The Silver Queen– Josie Jaffrey 

Rating: 5 stars




Pigeon-Blood RedPigeon-Blood Red– Ed Duncan 

Rating: 4 stars




The Escape RoomThe Escape Room– Megan Goldin

Rating: 4.75 stars




The Darkest CornersThe Darkest Corners– Kara Thomas 

Rating: 4.25 stars




Till It Stops BeatingTill It Stops Beating– Hannah R. Goodman 

Rating: 4 stars




What Makes Girls Sick and TiredWhat Makes Girls Sick and Tired– Lucile de Pesloüan & Genevieve Darling

Rating: 4.5 stars



And we are done! Those were my reads for this month. My average rating was… 3.88! If you’re interested in knowing more about any of them, I have linked their GoodReads pages as well as my reviews (if I wrote one).

How did November go for you? Did you get any good reads in between bites of turkey and hanging Christmas lights? What are your plans for December? Talk to me (:

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