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Hi, all!

So, I’m just gonna point out the obvious. I failed miserably at having a Bookstagram. I deleted the whole account the day after posting here that I had joined the community. It felt like a whole lot of (self-imposed) pressure to take cute, aesthetically pleasing pictures of my reads and I just have to be honest and say that I’m not good at that.

That post still gets a lot of visits (though I’m not really all that sure why) so I figured I’d update anyone curious about that.

But anywho, I am now on Twitter! Like, I literally just made it. Like 2 seconds ago.

I figured that book tweets are insanelyyyy easier to keep up with than pictures on Instagram. I think I’ll primarily use it for book polls and sharing reviews.

So, if you link twitter down below I’ll gladly follow you! Here’s my account (: (I haven’t posted anything yet because… well, like I said, I just made it 2 seconds ago)

11 thoughts on “Social Media

    1. Thank you! I’ve found tons of other book bloggers on Twitter so far! I have a personal account I’ve had for years but I don’t like to mix my book accounts with my personal stuff. I look forward to seeing your bookish tweets and posts!

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