Happy Holidays!

Hi, all!

I don’t have any bookish updates for you guys today but I just wanted to wish those who celebrated Thanksgiving (and are likely probably ravaging through stores for those good Black Friday deals) a happy holiday weekend! And to those who don’t celebrate the American day of Thanksgiving because you live in another country (or because you live in America and have other reasons) then I’m wishing you a great holiday-free weekend! Either way, I’m in a great mood and  I hope everyone else is having a good time regardless.

Since that’s really all I wanted to say, here’s a couple of pics from Thanksgiving yesterday from me to you!

It was my godson’s (Bently) first Thanksgiving! We didn’t get to see him yesterday but we are today. As you can see from this picture that his mother sent me, he clearly enjoyed himself!



img_8058Here’s my sister, McKenzie, and I 🙂 We seriously spent a solid 20-30 min taking pictures and videos for her “snapchat streaks”. Teenagers.

Also- something that happened yesterday that I thought was funny: I showed this picture to my boyfriend’s niece at his family dinner later in the evening and she actually looked at me and said, “Which one is you?”.



And last but not least!!! I didn’t get any “posed” pictures with my mother yesterday but she did let me do some special fx makeup on her while the turkey finished cooking and it came out pretty good! The edges in some areas are definitely visible but it was one of my better blending jobs so far. Nothing like a little gore before everyone eats, am I right?



Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, did you have a fun time with your family? Talk to me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Happy holidays to you as well. I had a quiet dinner with my sister and her son. She has cooked extravagant meals for the Holidays for years for the family. I convinced her to take a break and have someone serve her for a change. It was nice.

    Love your pics! The gore one scary me for a minute.lol

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    1. It seemed like the holidays this year were more muted for a lot of families! I’m glad she listened to you and took a break! And thank you (: Yeah the gore always scares people, but it’s one my favorite hobbies!!

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