Reading buddy wanted

That title looks like a creepy Craiglists ad, am I right?

Anyways… I’ve been in a reading rut the past week or so, and I think it’s because I’m struggling to stay motivated to keep up my reading. One of the best ways to combat this that I can think of is a buddy read. It’s just like having a gym partner! Someone’s there to keep you going when you’re feeling a little less interested.

So, I have a ton of books on my docket right now (that I’ll be listing in a second). Some are store bought, post-publication novels, and some are advanced reading copies from NetGalley. I’m open to starting in onΒ any one of them. So, if you have any of these books on your to-read list and you’d be willing to do a buddy read, I’d seriously appreciate having you!!!

(I am open to doing some kind of collaboration on posts if that is something you are interested in, but it’s 100% not required. I just want a buddy to help me out of this slump!!)

I can start (right this moment) any of the following:



If anyone is interested in doing a buddy read with any of these titles, please let me know!Β  πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Reading buddy wanted

  1. Good luck finding a buddy reader! I don’t have any of those titles on my TBR, but I hope you can find someone to read with. I do want to say that in my experience buddy reads can either help or make slumps worse. Sometimes the accountability helps but that isn’t enough to get in the mood sometimes, and then I wind up feeling anxious and guilty for falling behind.

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    1. I’ve mostly had success with buddy reads but I definitely understand what you mean about how it can make you feel guilty or anxious. I’m a quick reader when I can really get into a book, but sometimes slumps make it hard to get interested. I like to jump back in with a really great read or a buddy read to get me feeling intrigued again! It’s too bad you don’t have any of these on your tbr! I have a lot more books on my shelves to be read but these are my high priorities for now. Maybe one day we’ll have a tbr in common πŸ™‚


    1. Yay! I think Escape Room would be a really fun one to do! Are you on GoodReads? If so, I can add you and send you a private message!!


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