Fellow book reviewers: I need your help

Hey, guys!

Today, I logged into my Amazon to post a review for a book. When I proceeded to do so, I was suddenly rerouted to a new page telling me that I am now blocked from reviewing…

I am clueless as to why this. I haven’t violated any rules (I checked), and I have no personal relationships with any authors. I have reviewed books that were sent to me (for free, in exchange for my review), but this is done literally all of the time by other reviewers as well, so why would it now be a problem?

I’ve been looking into this practically all morning because Amazon reviews mean a lot to authors (especially indies) and it doesn’t make much sense to me why all of my past reviews have been completely deleted. This is much more of an inconvenience to authors trying to sell their books than it is to me, and I realize that Amazon doesn’t want fake or bias reviews, but I do neither of those things and find this entire thing to be wildly unfair to authors and to fellow reviewers.

Basically, I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue? I am considering just creating a new Amazon account altogether and starting over (even though I would have to post my reviews over a broader time span because I know mass reviewing can get you flagged, too). BUT to review books, you have to have spent at least $50 on your Amazon account, which would mean I’d be pointlessly buying $50 worth of new books that I definitely don’t need to add to my “to be read” pile.

If anyone knows anything about any of this, or has dealt with the same issue, is there anyway to get unblocked from reviews? Or any way to fix this problem literally at all…lol.

Thanks to anyone who can help! xx

12 thoughts on “Fellow book reviewers: I need your help

  1. It’s very frustrating to be flagged for something and you have no clue why. First thing, STOP blaming yourself. You have been honest with reviews so don’t second guess yourself. Next, try to contact Amazon to find out what exactly led to the block. It will take a while but they will respond.

    Most likely they will not unblock your account. Amazon is unforgiving when it comes to their rules, even if you break one unknowing. The bright side is it won’t happen to you again once you get answers. Wait for the reply from Amazon before you start up a new account. Keep posting your reviews on your blog as usual and post to other sites like GoodReads if not doing so presently. We value your reviews even if the big giant does not.

    Take a breathe, then wait to find out what happened.- But keep posting your reviews here for your followers.

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    1. Thank you so much for this advice! I have contacted Amazon to find out what the problem is. I just don’t understand why they make it so difficult for authors to get reviews! I have a lot of authors that send me books and while they appreciate reviews on any outlets, Amazon is always a must for them because it helps with their sales! I do review on GoodReads and will continue to do so on there and on here, but I hope I can figure out a solution to this issue quickly.

      Thanks again for these kind and helpful words!

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    1. When I was researching online to try & find a solution, I saw that for the past year or two it’s been a big problem for reviewers! Apparently Amazon would rather keep out potentially fake reviews (which is understandable), but the way that they decipher “fake” is so confusing to me. I’m still pissed off frankly, lol!!


  2. This happened to me a few months ago! I tried to review on Amazon.com but I do not usually buy from it, and my account is blocked because I didn’t spend money on their site! Now I can review books only on Amazon.it, and I don’t know if this helps the international authors ç_ç

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  3. I can help with why you are blocked maybe. This happened to me too. After contacting Amazon by e-mail and live chat I found out that you can only review books that you have bought on Amazon but you have to buy a minimum of $50.00. I got told told they might do this to deter bad reviews. My reply was that until they relaxed the rule I wouldn’t be buying anything but free books. I also said and told them everyone should have a chance to review a book they read. I hope this helps.

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    1. Well the crazy thing is, I’ve had this account for years and have purchased easily upwards of $500 worth of books (both physical copies and ebooks) and have never had any problem reviewing anything! Even books that I hadn’t purchased specifically through Amazon (like ARCs, for example). It seems insane to me that a reader who buys a book from B&N can’t review the same book on Amazon without getting blocked. Author’s really depend on those reviews and it’s such a stupid policy for Amazon to be adopting.
      But thank you for this advice! I’ve just begun using another account I have. It seemed like the quickest fix for now, but I think I’ll be pulling back on my spending through Amazon if this is how they are going to work out reviews.


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