The Last Straw

Book Details (7).pngSynopsis:

When a teenage girl witnesses a carjacking gone bad, she is marked for death by a crime boss with no apparent motive. A black lawyer and a white enforcer with an unlikely history forge an uneasy alliance to protect the girl from a hit man with an agenda of his own.

After they find out that the crime boss is the father of the black teenage carjacker, Paul Elliott – lawyer and close friend of the witness’s family – begins counseling them.

As the long-simmering feud between Rico and John D’Angelo reaches boiling point, bodies start to pile up in rapid succession… and old scores will be settled.

My review

Rating: 4 stars

Note: This book was sent to me for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I think that this book turned out to be a lot different than I expected, though I’m not entirely sure what I expected. Crime novels can be hard to predict sometimes, and sadly I have not yet read the first installment of this series (Pigeon-Blood Red), so I kind of went in blind. It didn’t disappoint.

This reads a lot like a crime show that you might watch on NBC or ION Television. That’s not a bad thing. I love crime shows on NBC and ION. I began to think of this book kind of like a season of a very addicting show.

Lets get the critique out of the way first. The one thing that I disliked about this book may not necessarily be a bad thing to others, and even actually adds to the air of properly written crime novels: The characters feel detached and placid. They were all very two-dimensional, and don’t get me wrong, it works for this story line. A fast paced, action packed story like this doesn’t have much room for willowy characters with sappy stories. So I completely get why they were written this way, and I think that the author ultimately did a really great job with his writing. I guess for me, the dialogue sometimes felt a little robotic because of the way that the characters were built and written. It was never bad writing. I just sometimes felt disconnected from the characters.

The story itself was very enthralling and easy to get caught up in. I consumed this book quickly and I feel like that really says something because I’m not always into the kind of action going on between these pages. I loved the concept and found myself wishing more than once that I had gotten a chance to check out the first book first so that I had a little more context about all of the characters and their relationships with each other. This is definitely an anti-hero story, and you find yourself rooting for the not-so-good guy, and I really enjoy when authors can make me do that. I think it’s a skill that not all possess, and I’m happy to see that Duncan does.

Overall, it was a good experience and I plan to check out the third installment when it’s published. I’m very curious to see what kind of situation Rico and Paul get themselves into next.

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