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Ignorance is cheap. And then it costs you everything.

The world has suffered economic collapse and multiple environmental crises. In a flooded city, Ava Murasaki is searching for her activist sister Sophia. Meanwhile, Valerie Newlin lives in the secure complex of the Scylla Corporation, the world’s only remaining multinational. There, she finds evidence of something horrifying in the Corporation medical research data. Set in a searingly real near-future, Survival is a story of what people will face for those they love.

A devastating vision of a post-climate change world in which governments have collapsed and corporations rule with an iron fist.

My review

Rating: 4 stars

Note: I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

“Surviving doesn’t mean becoming monsters.”

Rachel Watts has a knack for dystopian writing. I am not generally a fan of these kind of books because I have a harder time connecting to the characters and situations, but Watt’s writing is done so well that I found myself not only intrigued by the story, but also enjoying it. Her short stories at the end are just as appealing.

This is a very fast paced novella that takes you to a very frightening futuristic setting. I like that the story focused around two girls instead of merely one, and that their stories came together to connect them and their fight against the Corporation. Survival is truly the perfect name for this book (and I’m kind of in love with the cover, so there’s that).

An issue that I always find I have with novellas is the lack of time. Novellas by definition are much shorter than novels, and therefore I never feel like the author has quite enough time to introduce readers to what is going on, and there seems to be even less time to create reasonable character development. Most often in novellas the characters have just seemingly changed between two pages, one moment being something and the next being something entirely different. The character issues here weren’t too hard to look past because there was so much going on that it probably wouldn’t have even made sense to slow down and analyze the changes in the characters like Valeria or Ava. The changes just happen and you donotice them but it’s kind of a passing thought with everything else going on in the book. However, I do wish there would have been more of an introduction into what exactly was going on. Of course the author has to keep an air of mystery in the beginning because readers can’t yet know exactly what is happening in the Corporation, but a little more background in the beginning about how the city came to be what it was would’ve been a good addition. That’s really my only issue with this story.

With all of this being said though, I really liked the book. I hope that the author intends for this to become a series, because I think that keeping the story going could help with the two issues I just mentioned about character development and background information. Another book (or two) will really help the reader build the world in their mind. I also think that this book creates an atmosphere that readers will want to remain in until the heroes of the story prevail.


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