Like Never and Always

Book Details (2).pngSynopsis:

On a hot summer night, a screech of brakes and shattering glass changes two lives forever.

Liv wakes in the hospital, confused when they call her Morgan. She assumes it’s a case of mistaken identity, yet when the bandages come off, it’s not her face in the mirror anymore. It’s her best friend Morgan’s.

Morgan always seemed to have the perfect life, yet Liv must navigate endlessly disturbing secrets of the criminal and murderous variety—and a romance that feels like a betrayal. Torn between the boy she loved as Liv and the boy she’s grown to love as Morgan, Liv still has to survive Morgan’s last request.

My review:

Rating- 3.75 stars

As always, thank you the publisher and to Netgalley for the reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

My feelings about this book are really confusing to me. For the first 15% or so, I was really bored and absolutely terrified that this was going to resemble I Was A Bitch because it really seemed headed in that direction. You’ve got the car accident, the confused identity, the god forsaken brother love triangle… and I was not happy about all of this. Whatsoever.

But, I’ll give it to the book. It took a nice turn by bringing some deeper, darker story lines and I really believe that it saved the whole story for me. No matter how fun it might be to ogle between two very attractive brothers, I’m just not interested in reading an entire story revolving around trying to pick one. And I’m not sorry for it, either.

So, it definitely picks up and even though I think that this could’ve been written a little differently to possibly give it a sequel, I’m not disappointed. All of the secrets that get unveiled in this story are one’s that I definitely didn’t expect, even up until the end (this means good mystery writing). However, there were some things that kind of seemed thrown in at the last minute with no closure or much explanation, which is another reason I thought that maybe this was headed toward a cliffhanger to get me uber excited for the next installment. But it definitely ended on a note that makes it feel finished, so I guess maybe the author just wanted to try and spice some things up a bit and it just kind of fell short. I can only speculate.

As for characters, I actually found that I liked the way that they were written. For whatever reason, I find myself hating main characters often, but I thought that Olivia’s story was very unique and I stayed interested. There was a very sweet connection between her and Clay and even though Nathan was basically just a sad drunk the entire time, I didn’t blame him for it, because… well, he thinks he’s at fault for his girlfriend being dead (not a spoiler, so don’t hate me). No one had an attitude that I couldn’t stand or a stubbornness that was just annoyingly unrealistic. The characters felt solid.

Overall, I’m glad I stuck with it because in the beginning I was definitely considering just giving it up. I’m not sappy enough for a story solely based on a love triangle. But, the book picks up and I think that it has a nicely paced plot with just enough mystery to keep you going, even when the brotherly love triangle feels pretty awkward.


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