Surprise, surprise!

Hey guys!

So, I did a thing.

And some of you might have already noticed the thing. And some of you might not.

So I’ll just tell you what the thing is, OK?

I changed my blog name!

I know it’s not actually all that exciting, but I’m excited because when I first joined this community, I had absolutely no idea what kind of name to give my blog. I wanted something that flowed together and I’ve been called a bookworm so many times that I thought, “Hey, that kind of goes with my name!”. But secretly, I’ve despised my name this entire time but didn’t really think that changing it was just something you could do. But then this morning I started thinking about it and I decided, if I don’t like something, and I’m able to change it, why not, right? So I did!

As you all can see, my new blog name is Brittany the book guru. Now, I do know that guru actually means teacher and I’m definitely trying to pretend that I’m out here teaching people about books. I mostly landed on this name because among my other hobbies, I am obsessed with makeup and watching youtube videos. And if I have any fellow lovers of watching beauty youtube vids, then I know you’ve heard the saying “beauty guru”. I honestly just thought that book guru was a cute little play on words and I was hooked as soon as I thought of it. So, my new name has been born!

I really just wanted to let you guys know in case anyone got confused about the sudden change and didn’t realize at first that this was the same blog under a new name 🙂

Happy blogging♥♥

6 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

    1. Aw thank you so much! That’s so encouraging. I’m glad someone likes the name. Changing it was a little nerve wracking because you never know how people will react. But I definitely like it for the better!

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