Let’s talk: why do book reviews get less attention?

Alright guys.

I’ve been a part of this bookish community since the beginning of the year, and an active part of it since May. And I absolutely love it! But there’s one thing that I’ve noticed:

Book reviews get a considerably less amount of views than book tags or other posts.

The booking community, here on WordPress, as well as other platforms, is about sharing your love for books and your thoughts on them. So why do we find ourselves reading posts about tags or aesthetics more often than an actual book review?

WELL, I’m not a specialist (clearly), but I have some ideas.

First off, I personally find myself most commonly reading book reviews for books that I’ve either already read, or have heard of. This kind of puts a niche in reading reviews because I’ve found that a lot of book bloggers, much like myself, review ARCs and requests from authors. This means that the book is likely largely unheard of, or hasn’t been given a super duper amount of attention yet. I’m guilty of skipping over some of these reviews, too. I usually read the preview of a post and if I catch myself thinking, “That doesn’t look like something I’ll be reading anytime soon”, I usually just skip over the post because… who needs to read thoughts and opinions on a book that you’re not interested in checking out?

That whole paragraph just sounds so awful 😦 But I have to be honest with myself, and so do you, because I know I am not the only one guilty of this. This is literally a reason why book reviews don’t get as much attention!!! There have to be others who do this as well, even if we don’t realize we’re doing it.

I also think that us book lovers like to read tags because we get to hear about more than one book at a time. You’re almost guaranteed to know of at least one book that the poster is referencing, and you often get links to new books, pictures of beautiful covers, and discussions about things you might not have otherwise thought about. It’s a really fun and communicative way to discuss several books all at once. We all love a fun tag now and then!

But with all of this being said, I think that we have to remember our beloved reviews. I don’t know about you guys, but I came here from GoodReads to find a place where I could archive all of my reviews, be creative, and get to talk to other book lovers about books (I think that GoodReads is a great place for some of this as well, but I find that communication between less popular accounts who don’t have titles in top reviewers sometimes have a harder time getting to talk to a lot of other bibliophiles). With this in mind, I think it’s important that we keep our reviews alive. I absolutely love doing tags and have no intention of stopping 1) writing them or 2) reading them when others post. But I  am pledging now to start reading more reviews, even when I’m not familiar with the book. Supporting our fellow reviewers is one of the greatest things about this community (the support is so wonderful, truly) and it’s also beneficial to us! Sometimes I forget that this can be a really easy way to be introduced to a fun new book, so I should really stop being so snobby.

Anyone else willing to take this pledge with me? Let’s keep talking about what we love in books and what we hate. Let’s keep our reviews alive. 🙂

Update (Only like 10 minutes after posting): After committing to reading more book reviews about books I have not yet heard of, I think I will make a post at a later time listing some of the books I can across that I now want to check out! I think it would be a cool way to show myself how much I actually gained from reading more reviews and supporting my fellow reviewers. I invite you guys to join in as well 🙂

18 thoughts on “Let’s talk: why do book reviews get less attention?

      1. I adore NetGalley! There are definitely a lot of picks on there that I probably wouldn’t ever come across otherwise. I love how easy it is to always find new books to read!

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  1. You wrote this so well and made some really great points! Tags can be a lot of fun, but we can’t forget about the reviews. Like you mentioned, I’m also sometimes iffy about clicking on reviews for books I’ve never heard of. But when I do I’ve ended up finding new titles that I can’t wait to read, which is so great! I love your idea about making a post about that. I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

    Reviews are such an important part of our community and we should all continue to keep that in mind. Great post!

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    1. Thank you so much! I just started thinking about this while looking at some stats and realized that I’m guilty of it myself, and that’s something I definitely want to work on! I generally believe that all books deserve a fighting chance, so checking out reviews for new books can definitely introduce me to some new ones!

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  2. Good point. And you are right. I think most of us are ‘guilty’ of this. Myself included.

    Next time I’m skipping a review, I’m going to find out the exact reason. That might also be useful information as to why I do that. But mostly, I’m going to try to read them all 🙂

    Thank you for reminding me!

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    1. That’s a really good idea: to stop & think why you’re skipping. I hate to think that I’m breaking the cardinal “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule, but I think I may very well be guilty of it! So it’s a good idea to consider why we’re skipping the review in the first place!

      Glad this post gave you a reminder! And I love this extra input 🙂

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  3. This is definitely something that I have noticed (much to my dismay) because honestly reviews are my favorite part about having my book blog. I know from my own behavior that I am guilty of skipping reviews if I am 1) backlogged on my reader or 2) the book doesn’t interest me. Sometimes if it is a book that I want to read I won’t read the review either because I like to go in to books blind. Which means often times I am only checking out reviews of what I have already read.

    I have started at least skimming reviews from everyone that I follow and leaving a like unless it is not first-in-series; and often times my comments now are like “Didn’t read all the way because this is on my TBR but glad you liked/bummer this didn’t work for you”

    I love this pledge and hopefully more people will find the time to commit to reading & commenting on reviews! Excellent post, Brittany!

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    1. I am guilty of these same things. Whenever I’m behind on my reader I find myself scrolling past a LOT of review posts & more often than not reading tags or TBR lists or something along those lines. But just since I have posted this, I have made a point to make sure to a least check out and skim through each review I come across (though I am VERY behind on my reader)! Most reviews include a synopsis or some details so it’s usually pretty easy to tell early on whether or not it’s a book that would interest me. However, even if it doesn’t look like my cup of tea, I’ve still kept reading to see how the reviewer felt. Book reviews are my favorite part of blogging as well and we all know that they take a little more work than tags because you have to actually READ a book and then try to articulate your thoughts in a way that would make sense to other readers. So I figure if a reviewer is taking the time to do it, I should take the time to read it!


  4. I’m new at this. Just got a GoodReads account a few days ago. I think all posts including Book review posts deserve a chance. Love doing tags too if I have time. I just read a great book by Airelle Cohen. and hope to read more. Not going to take the pledge but will say I will read more book reviews. Thanks for this post.

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    1. I hope you are enjoying GoodReads! It is definitely one of my favorite websites. I’m glad you are going to read some more book reviews! I really am just committing to reading more because I think we all work so hard on them and all books deserve the chance, just like you said! Hope you come across some interesting reviews. Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. I like reviews more, too! But for some reason they always get less views. I think it’s probably because people generally only click on titles that they are already aware of… which sucks, because then they don’t get introduced to new books. /:


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