I think I maybe just joined bookstagram?

But I’m not really sure. Because this kind of thing makes me anxious and seems like a lot of responsibility.

But since I have absolutely no desire to swallow my social anxiety and try out booktube, I figured this could maybe, possibly, but not even probably, work.

So ya know… we’ll see.

ANYWAYS guys, if you wanted to be super duper helpful and supporting, I’ll leave the link for the new account at the bottom of this post. I’m also not sure how to really get started on bookstagram, so I have literally no idea who to follow, so if you have a bookstagram (or even any instagram account for your blog), leave me the link below and I’ll go ahead and follow you!

This account was created about .5 seconds ago, so there are no posts yet. Please don’t hold that against me

my new bookstagram link is here


14 thoughts on “I think I maybe just joined bookstagram?

  1. I used to be on Bookstagram a couple years ago! I stopped when I went to college, got busy, and wasn’t able to take even one decent picture in my dorm haha. If I still had my account, I would definitely follow you.

    But I wanted to tell you that everyone in the Bookstagram community was SO NICE. It’s scary to put ourselves out there and try something new, but I think you’ll love it and find that there’s really great people out there. Just remember the most important thing is that you enjoy it. Good luck! 🙂

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    1. i’m actually not sure i’m going to keep the account! :/ I haven’t had any time for it yet and i’m not sure I can commit to it. 😦 but i’m glad you love it! I think it’s a really great alternative to booktube.

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