June Wrap Up

I know that you guys are pretty used to my complaining about each and every month (or any length of time, really), but surprisingly enough, June has been a pretty decent month. I mean, I have nothing to complain about. And a couple things to be happy about, so…. decent it has been.

Book wise, I got in 11 books… 1 more than last month. I’m not entirely pleased, but I did get a lot of my ARCs done, so I’m happy about that.

Let’s get started.

We’re Going to Need More Wine (05/24/18 – 06/01/18)

Rating: 5 stars

This was amazing. It is the only audiobook I’ve listened to and as much as I kind of despise audiobooks, this was the exception. Listening to Gabrielle Union tell her own story was a different kind of experience that I highly recommend to others.

Also- this was 5 stars for me, which started my month off great.


But Not Forever (06/03/18 – 06/05/18)

Rating: 3.25 stars

This was one of the six ARCs I got done in June! I know you can’t see me, but I’m clapping myself on the back.

This was a fun little magical realism, time travelling, parallel kind of story. I didn’t really expect to like it, because this isn’t usually my kind of book, but it was actually decently enjoyable.


Bad Girls with Perfect Faces (06/06/18 – 06/07/18)

Rating: 4 stars

This was recommended to me but it turned out to be pretty interesting! It managed to actually keep me in the dark as long as possible and that is definitely something that I credit books for because I’m like the Sherlock Holmes of mystery plot twists. It was a rather creepy story about teenage obsession gone too far and it’s pretty intriguing.


Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (06/09/18 – 06/09/18)

Rating: 2.75 stars

loveee the movie adaption of this, but the book didn’t do it for me. The character’s are trying way too damn hard to be painfully poetic, and this is coming for someone who loves poetry. The relationships are also super flimsy and I can’t tell you how much I hated Caroline. On the plus side though, no one’s sexuality is made into a big deal, which I find to be worth admiration.

The Life and Death Parade (06/09/18 – 06/11/18)

Rating: 4.25 stars

This story was an emotional ride for me because it deals with loss and grief and heartache over someone you love passing away. I’ve been dealing with a lot of that in the past year so this came at a good time for me. But even beyond that, the story was really mesmerizing. There’s magic and hope and a lot of “what if“s and it captured my soul.


Women of Resistance (06/12/18 – 06/12/18)

Rating: 3 stars

There are some really amazing messages in this that I think should seriously be shouted from the rooftops for all, men and women alike, to hear.

These are the messages that are important. There are no lack of voices here; the pages are filled with poetry and prose from women of different race, sexual orientation, backgrounds, and stories. The mix of those who wrote for this collection was a breath of fresh air.

You’re You (06/14/18 – 06/14/18)

Rating: 4 stars

This was an extremely quick read. It’s fluffy and cute but it also hits an important topic in the LGBTQ+ community. There is really good representation of fluidity and not letting a label define you or your love life. There wasn’t much character development, mostly because the story is so quick, but because of the shortness of the story, this doesn’t hold the book back.

Dead Girls Society (06/14/18 – 06/18/18)

Rating: 5 stars

This book is a really fun ride. It’s entertaining and mysterious and that is my favorite kind of book! I definitely saw the ending coming from like 1/8 of the way through the book, but having a good inkling about who the bad guy/girl could be didn’t make the read any less enjoyable!! This is rare but I found myself at the end of the book with no bad thoughts or notes about what could’ve been better. It’s a cute mystery book with some dark twists that I think anyone could enjoy.

The Stranger Game (06/20/18 – 06/22/18)

Rating: 3.75 stars

This was such a predictable book. Almost painfully so. But even the predictability didn’t make it bad, or even boring. The predictability made me want to keep reading so I could see if it was going to prove me wrong (because the story was almost too easy).

It keeps you interested throughout and the characters didn’t feel poorly developed. Not much for the surprise element, but it will satiate your appetite for a nice, easy read.

My Whole Truth (06/26/18 – 06/27/18)

Rating: 5 stars

I could seriously rave about this book for days! Weeks! Months! Possibly forever!!! This story is heart wrenching and upsetting and so impossible to put down. There are not enough stories that talk about the reality of both physical and sexual abuse and how the justice system treats survivors of these assaults. This book comes out in October and I plan to force everyone to buy it.


We are Not Yet Equal (06/27/18 – 06/28/18)

Rating: 5 stars

THIS is what our students should be reading in history textbooks. I can’t even fathom the amount of research required to put this together, but I highly applaud the persistence. This is quality nonfiction; facts that we either don’t know, or do know and have previously ignored. Anderson put so much into this and I came out the other end of it feeling honestly educated and informed. Amazing.

My average rating for this month was 4.09!! This is quite the change from May, who’s average was 2.55.

So, how much reading did you get done this month? How did June treat you overall? Talk to me 🙂

4 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. Hi Brittany. Nice wrap up. I really like how you go for an average rating. And it’s so high. My average for June was 4.7. But I kind of cheated because I read an entire trilogy and multiple parts of a series that I really enjoyed…

    Why do you despise audiobooks? 🙂 I like them a lot.

    You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was happy to see my rating so high this month! Last month was not so great. I find it really hard to follow audiobooks! I prefer to see the text in front of me, otherwise I have a hard time just listening! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Reading slumps really do suck! 😦 but I think it’s good not to force ourselves to keep reading if we just aren’t feeling it. it’s always important to remember that books are a hobby, not a job 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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