Get to know the blogger

Today I’m going to take a little break from talking about books to talk about something else I love… ME (jk I actually have a lot of self loathe but we won’t even get into my mental health issues right now).

I figured since I’m one of those blogs that has literally NO facts about myself that don’t pertain to my books, I should make a post dedicated entirely to letting you get to know me beyond my hobby 🙂 This will probably be the most boring thing ever BUT I HAVE PICTURES!! and tons of ’em.

p.s.- if the format of this turns out totally crazy… I’m sorry. This is hard.

  • I live in North Carolina!


Leave it to me to hate nearly everything that this state stands for, but simultaneously find it scenically beautiful.

  • My sister and I are super duper close.


She’s 7 years younger than me but you’d never know it when we’re together.

  • I graduated high school in 2015. 


I’m still in college and hating every minute of it.

  • My boyfriend (Josh) and I have been together since I was 16 🙂 ( I turn 21 in July)

img_5699           img_6548           img_66251.jpg

Enjoy our silly and almost always cringy pics.

  • I’m an introvert so I hardly ever make new friends. 


Lauren (right) has been my friend since I was 14, and Kara (left) since I was 16.

  • My mom runs a really popular podcast!


It’s true crime related and you should check it out.



This is Luna, my very opinionated and spoiled kitten. Her birthday is next month, just like her mommy’s, and she turns 1♥♥♥


This is Bubz (left) and Jake (right). They both actually live with my father, but are 110% convinced that I am their human. Here’s some of them together (please enjoy the one of Bubz’s butt in Jake’s face):


If you have fur babies you want to show off, pretty please share them in the comments!!!

  • My Uncle Stevie passed away in January and I just really wanted to include him in this because this has definitely become apart of who I am.


  • I have 6 tattoos (and want so many more)


I pretty much love all of what I have already, but these are two of my favorites.

  • I love all things trippy & psychedelic  


  • And here’s my most recent two selfies on instagram, because ya know, you haven’t already seem enough of me on this post. 


Share some facts about yourself with me!!!!

18 thoughts on “Get to know the blogger

    1. I have the owl as seen above, the serotonin chemical symbol with flowers growing out of it (also seen above) a sunflower, a continent tracing, a freedom tattoo, and a very small number tattoo!! I’m planning next for some roses with water colors!
      What do you have?

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      1. That’s awesome! I love the serotonin one. I have a saying my mom always told me growing up in her handwriting, Anne Boleyn’s signature, a Harry Potter quote with the Deathly Hallows sign and the house colors in watercolor (that one hurt like hell), and my dog’s pawprint. She was my best friend growing up and passed away in March 2017. My new one is going to be a bluebird in honor of my other childhood dog who passed away in January.

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      2. Ooooh those sound awesome! I especially like the ones in honor of your dogs!! I loveee getting tattoos, it makes me feel like a canvas because art is decorating my body!

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  1. I was with my now husband since I was 15. We were together 8 years before we got married—I told him if he wasn’t interested in marriage after 10 we’d have to rethink the relationship 😂. This year we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. I hope it works out for you and your boyfriend as after that much time together there is certainly a special bond. You mentioned you hate college; curious as to what you are going to schools for. I also wasn’t a huge fan of college as I didn’t want to drink all the time and felt I desperately needed a paying job because I had no money. The school part I liked. Hopefully you’ll find something good in it.

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    1. Aw, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you and it’s so nice to see relationships work out that started young. I hear people say all the time, “you were too young when you got together” or “how do you know this is the one if you haven’t been with anyone else” but like you said, time creates a really awesome bond. I am in school for English Lit with a writing concentration! I love my classes that focus on my major, because I absolutely love literature. The frustrating thing about college for me is more the logistics. Like dealing with FAFSA or transferring credits (I’ve transferred schools) and I also have a lot of social anxiety so going to actual classes can be really hard for me, especially when teachers force you to talk infront of the class as part of your grade. After having some health issues last semester and spending a lot of time at appointments and missing classes because of the hospital,etc., I decided to switch all of my classes to online for next semester. Hopefully it will be better!

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