Bookish Facts About Me

Someone please tell me why instead of working on reviews I’ve decided to just give you 7 (I know, what a completely random number, right?) facts about me and my bookish addiction. Oh right, I’m lazy and reviews take a lot of time.

Here’s some fun little bookish tidbits about me:

  • I prefer paperback to hardcover books. This is because of two things: 1) hardcover books are substantially more expensive than paperbacks and, 2) I loathe the slip over a hardcover moving around while I’m reading. I know that this is an extremely easy thing to fix if you’ve got tape on hand, but guess what? I literally never have tape in my apartment.


  • I currently own 63 TBR books. The thing about this one is that I love to read, but can never do it fast enough. I also have an addiction to going book shopping. There is a book warehouse a town over from me that has $1 sales monthly (sometimes more) and I seriously buy about 20 books every time I go (that would only be ONE hardcover book from Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million, people).


  • I prefer to read YA or New Adult books. I guess this is pretty much just because I don’t even turn 21 for another month (and two days) and these are the kind of books that still relate to me the most. Ya know, except for the fact that I’m not in high school anymore and haven’t been for three years. But who’s paying attention?


  • I love any type of mystery read. Mystery, psychological thriller; you name it and I want it. This definitely does not mean I’ll love it though. Since this is pretty much my favorite genre, I’m so extremely and unnecessarily over critical and analytical about all books that claim to be “a thrilling, intense, and suspenseful mystery”.


  • I adore books that have diverse representation. Whether this be representation of a race we just don’t see often enough (*cough* any race beside white in young adult *cough*), LGBTQ+, mental illness, etc. I will buy a book for the sole purpose of getting the opportunity to read about something that we just don’t get enough of.


  • I hate audiobooks. Please don’t hate me for this. I have listened to an audiobook before. I actually just did a review of one a few posts ago. And I think that sometimes an audiobook narrated by the author might help get a better experience as far as picking up on emotion and attitude. But it’s just not my cup of tea. I find that I struggle to follow along with the narrator and I’d rather have the words in front of me. It just is better to focus this way for me.


  • I can’t jump on the magical realism train. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I can’t get into fantasy or magic. I can’t even do Harry Potter. Before you hit me with the “don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it” line, I’ve read and reviewed some books that fall into these categories. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking beforehand that this could be the one!! But it just never is. I think I am too much of a realist and it kind of makes me sad because I’d like to be able to get into these fantasy worlds, but it seems I am not meant for it.

Are any of these surprising to you? Do we have any of this in common? Talk to me! Share some book-related facts about yourself 🙂

30 thoughts on “Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Hey, firstly your blog is amazing. Secondly I also like YA and also romance and right now I’m trying mystery. Also you aren’t alone I can neither get myself to read Harry Potter. It’s too not realistic for me. Nice blog and have a wonderful day 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re getting into mystery!! If you ever need any recommendations, let me know! Also, I’m so glad to not be the only person who can’t get into Harry Potter. I really tried!! It feels like we are the minority in this lol.

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    1. Exactly! I know that some people prefer them because they can multitask while listening to the audio but I just feel like I’m not paying enough attention if the words aren’t right in front of me

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  2. I love a real book, not very good with Ebooks and like you audio books. I have currently more books then i can count with are TBR, but like you I can’t resist buying more, plus i have a problem with letting books go even when i have read them. I am in too lots of different genres mainly crime, thriller and sorry to say fantasy but I love a good real life story but mainly my favorite type is a historian story line, with my favorite authur being philippa gregory. Books really are my life i love escaping between the pages and letting them take me away xx

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    1. I actually really enjoy Ebooks, though I prefer the print 100%. I can usually find an Ebook for much less money wise and I can read from it in the dark so I don’t have to keep my lights on, lol. I can’t ever let go of books either… I would love to just have my own personal library filled with all my babies (books). I haven’t gotten into many historian story lines, but I feel like I should! Do you have any good recommendations??
      Books are the perfect escape for me as well and I’m glad they offer the same to others♥

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      1. yeah i totally agree with you about Ebooks being cheaper and that you can read them even when its dark but nothing beat a real book in your hand and turning pages. Yeah totally agree if i had a spare room it would totally be a liabrary , I can dream…..
        I would reccomend any of philippa gregory books maybe start with her tudor novel like the other boleyn girl xx


    1. Hardcovers are certainly more aesthetically pleasing!! I love that ebooks are easily accessible but I hate not having the book in print!! Thank you!❤️

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    1. I definitely prefer hardcovers for aesthetic purposes 🙂 I just would rather paperbacks for reading. Audiobooks are really hard to follow personally… I’d rather have the book right in front of me! 🙂

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  3. I love reading! I like reading from a real book instead of ebooks, but ebooks are so much easier! I love young adult and im 25! lol I’m a sucker for a good romance novel.

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    1. Reading is a wonderful escape for me! It’s almost like watching a movie in my head, lol. I think ebooks are just easier to access and can often be a lot cheaper. I love having the real book in print but I’ll take what I can get, lol! I’m so glad I found another YA fan who isn’t still a teen!!!

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      1. Me too! I fall in love with the characters! Colleen Hoover became my favorite a few months ago! My friend recommended her to me.


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