May Wrap-Up

So, in the spirit of full transparency, I’m kind of dreading making this post. Why? Because I had a really bad reading month.

For the month of May, I only got 10 books under my belt… and one was my very first DNF so technically I only read 9 books. I’m genuinely upset with myself right now.

But in my defense!!! It has been a long month with some new adjustments in my life and May is also Mental Health Month which I have been spending a little more time on than my reading.

So, ya know, there’s always next month.

32326398Sometimes I Lie (05/01/18 – 05/01/18)

Rating: 3.75 stars

This one was actually a recommendation to me from my mother who knows how much I get into stories like this. It wasn’t her cup of tea at the end, but I ate it up like I hadn’t read anything else in years.

Sometimes I Lie  is largely considered to be a psychological thriller and while it is quite the psychological mess, it can get a bit confusing at times. It is still, in my opinion, worth the read. My mother had already given me some spoilers so I had a vague idea of what to expect but I’d love to see if anyone else see’s whats coming before it hits you.

2020935Sweethearts (05/02/18 – 05/02/18)

Rating: 2 stars

I mean… I’m kind of embarrassed but I really can’t remember much about this book. I’m guessing that’s why I gave it two stars. I’m seriously reading the premise of the book and still can’t really remember any details.

I do remember that this was a really short and quick read and even though I didn’t care for it, I got it done in like.. three hours. So ya know, if you’re looking for a quick read that won’t actually satisfy your appetite, pick this up.

38750893 (1)Kellen’s Moment (05/02/18 – 05/04/18)

Rating: 2 stars

I do, however, remember this one. Kellen’s Moment is a very unrealistic representation of the adult world with a nice amount of LGBTQ+ community that is the sole reason I didn’t give this one star.

The adults in this book act like children (and while I’m aware some adults really do act like children, this was just hitting a nerve) and the relationships between the characters seem so flimsy. I have a longer review here if you’re interested.

32585553I Was A Bitch (05/04/18 – 05/08/18)

Rating: 1 star

I could honestly write a whole new review on this book and still be angry about it. This was such a waste of time. The story is extremely unrealistic and the main character is so infuriatingly shallow that this was by far the hardest book to finish of my year so far. It’s also extremely and unnecessarily long. No one will ever receive this as a recommendation from me.

A full review on this one can be found here.

13526165.jpgWhere’d You Go, Bernadette (05/08/18 – 05/10/18)

Rating: 4 stars

This was my first successful read of the month!! I actually really loved this book.

The formatting here was something I hadn’t come across before and the story was very cute and funny and led by a lot of snickering old women, which just makes it all the more enjoyable.

You can’t go wrong with this one. The full review can be found here.

32078787Once and for All (05/14/18 – 05/15/18)

Rating: 3.5 stars

As a teenager in high school, I used to absolutely adore Dessen’s books. She gives you what you think you need- romance, solid friendships, closure- wrapped up a very summery vibe book. And it just… works.

As an adult, I still like to return to Dessen every once and while just to get that nostalgic, airy feeling back that comes with opening up one of her books. Once and for All was the one of the two Dessen books that  I had yet to read, so I figured I’d take it for a spin.

Dessen doesn’t disappoint, but this wasn’t one of my favorites from her. The story didn’t feel like it was as well put together as most of her other books. As I mentioned in my full review here, it was a very slow paced story until all of sudden, it wasn’t. I was a fan of one of the romances in this story but not really the other.

If you like Dessen, I’d still pick it up, just to make sure you complete your collection. If not, well then…. read it anyways if you’re heading to the beach or on vacation and need something quick and summery to read.

36632316Find You In The Dark (05/10/18 – 05/20/18)

Rating: 1 star

I tried so very hard with this book but no matter how many times I went back to it and tried my best to concentrate and enjoy it, it was just never there for me.

This is the only DNF I have on my goodreads and I despise it for that alone.

I received this as an ARC from the publisher back in January but because of some unforeseen circumstances, was unable to get to into until it had actually already been published. Being so behind made me want to be able to gobble it up and give it a raving review all on its own… but it just didn’t work out that way for me.

32498474Girl Last Seen (05/20/18 – 05/22/18)

Rating: 1.75 stars

Considering I impulse purchased this book at B&N and it looked really interesting, I had high hopes for it. But it certainly did not live up to my expectations, like at all.

This was supposed to be a mystery novel but was just missing the content needed to make it a good mystery novel. The character’s were incredibly disappointing and creepy and the whole book just felt like a bad Gillian Flynn impersonation.

The full review can be found here.

36389263Friends and Other Liars (05/23/18 – 05/25/18)

Rating: 2.5 stars

This book just screams Pretty Little Liars to me. I mean, look at the cover!!!! Doesn’t that look a little familiar??

Anyways, the first couple of chapters worked out for me but this story quickly became more about past drama than the secrets that everyone was hiding. There were just too many characters to keep up with and properly get to know and it all felt very overly and unnecessarily dramatic. You can read the full review here.

31315482.jpgThe Assassin Game (05/27/18 – 05/29/18)

Rating: 4 stars

Yay, finally another good one to share with you!

This book has some classic favorites: serial killers, boarding school, elite games, and not one but two mysteries to solve! Two!!!! 

This felt like it was paced really well and didn’t spend any time on things that didn’t actually pertain to the mystery (ask me what my pet peeve is). I was actually completely clueless on solving anything in this and that’s how I like it!! You can read my full review here.


Well, my average rating for the month of May was 2.55!! I have to say that it is disappointing, but also my fault because I didn’t read more. Here’s to hoping next month will be better.

7 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

    1. Reading any books at all is an accomplish because I know how hard it is to get around busy schedules, work, and whatnot! I’m just a little obsessive with books so I read a TON lol.


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