Vanishing Girls

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Vanishing Girls- Lauren Oliver

Rating: 3 stars

“There she is, shimmering between us like a mirage: Dara in short-shorts and high heels, lashes thick with mascara, leaving dust on her cheeks; Dara laughing, always laughing, telling us not worry, she’ll be safe, she never drinks, even as her breath smells like vanilla vodka; Dara the beautiful one, the popular one, the problem child everyone loves- my baby sister.”

I’m kind of on the fence about Lauren Oliver. I enjoyed Panic well enough. But when I saw that this book was ranked with We Were Liars, I didn’t feel super confident about it. I kind of freaking hated We Were Liars because of the way it was formatted. The story didn’t totally suck, but it was too hard to consider that when I was seething about the way it was written. I wanted to throw that book straight out the window and into my “did not finish pile”. But I trudged through it. This book wasn’t nearly as frustrating.

I really enjoy Lauren Oliver’s writing style in this book, and I thought that a lot of the wording was just really beautiful. The plot is what drug down the rating for me. It wasn’t bad, it was just kind of… eh. It felt like nothing was actually happening. It was pretty uneventful until the end. Which, by the way, was really predictable and easy to see coming. Especially if you read We Were LiarsThe whole mental illness and imagining someone is alive when they are actually dead is kind of worn out. I mean, this book gave me serious Identical vibes. If you liked this book, but are comfortable with going into more serious, heart-wrenching topics, head on over to Ellen Hopkins and check that out. (I know I totally suck for recommending another book on a review but… it’s a good book)

I did like the addition of the articles and the diary entries, just because it kind of added a little something to the outline of the story.

Other than that, the book was just okay. It didn’t suck but it didn’t wow me either.

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