The Couple Next Door

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The Couple Next Door- Shari Lapena

Rating: 4 stars

Oh the things I have to say about this book. Buckle up guys, this one’s gonna be long.

I’ve had this book on my “to-read” since before it even came out. The synopsis was super intriguing and I loveeeeeee a good psychological thriller. So when it finally turned up in my library, I got it. And honestly, I wasn’t disappointed.

The only thing that I have to say that I didn’t like about this book was that it was incredibly difficult to connect to any of the characters. The baby, Cora, was my favorite, and she wasn’t even actually in the book besides being discussed! Everyone, and I mean literally everyone was so damn unlikable. I hated them all: the parents, the neighbors, the grandparents, the detectives. I couldn’t find a single thing I liked about any of them! They were despicable.

I mean really guys, who leaves their baby at home alone to go to a freaking dinner party?! No one sane. SOOOOOO, on that note, lets get to the spoilers.

So apparently, the jokes on us because these people are definitely not sane! They’re so far outta the park of sane that it would probably be laughable if their baby wasn’t missing. I reiterate, WHO LEAVES THEIR BABY HOME ALONE SO THEY CAN GO DRINK SOME WINE AND EAT DINNER???

Beyond that little tidbit, Marco (father) literally set his daughter up to be kidnapped so he could get some ransom money. No, I’m not yanking your chain. He did it. That’s not even the worst part about this family though. It actually doesn’t even ruin the mystery for you, because Marco is very stupid and Marco trusts a man he’s never seen beyond drinking on a bench at a lake with to take care of his baby for a few days so he can get the money. I swear I can’t make this up.

And Anne(mother)! Ohhhh Anne. Anne has some disorder or illness that is never actually named (that I can recall anyways) that makes her black out and hurt people… My reading buddy and I aren’t entirely convinced that her last episode was even really an episode, but instead something she did knowing she could use her illness to excuse. Either way though, that ending… go Anne.

My heart ached for Cora the entire time. Is she okay?? Is she hurt?? Or worse, dead?? I really just wanted to know if Cora was going to be alright despite her crazy ass family!

And by crazy I mean… turns out that the super unlikable and conceited step-grandpa is the final perp! This dude set his son-in-law up to set his daughter up to be kidnapped so that the son-in-law would think he was getting the ransom but in actuality the son-in-law’s accomplice is secretly really the grandpa’s accomplice and he will get the $5 mil so that he can leave his wife who made him sign a prenup and still have lots of money to take care of his gold digger mistress who is son-in-laws neighbor, and who held the dinner party where the son-in-law attended in order for his daughter to be fake kidnapped.
No? Well, it will if you read the book.

All jokes aside, the story is really good and pretty original. I was super shocked whenever the author revealed Marco to be in on the kidnapping so early, but it became evident super quickly that Marco had been double crossed. That’s where the real mystery seemed to start. Lapena did such a good job at keeping me hooked. The first few pages were so extremely boring that I was mortified that I wouldn’t even like the book. But it turned around and I was too caught up in the mystery to want to put it down. I’m not sure it lives up to (my fav) psychological thriller author Gillian Flynn, but damn if it didn’t try! Hats off to this one, Lapena.

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